At The Clinton School we value the power of relationships, attachment and the social, emotional and well being of each adult and child within our setting.  Our vision demonstrates the understanding of the need to deliver a holistic approach to the whole child and the determination to embed this within all we do at The Clinton School.

As a Church of England School that encourages community and living well together, the staff, pupils and parents collectively chose 5 values which underpinned and further developed our vision

>  Friendship

>  Forgiveness

>  Respect

>  Courage

>  Aspiration

These, in turn, help form the basis of how we support children to become positive citizens of the future.

We aim to promote an environment which helps children develop into confident, well-motivated and hard working pupils who enjoy school and have a high self-esteem, and who go on to achieve their full potential. We endeavour to achieve this in many ways, but the most important include:

*  being genuinely interested and concerned for all the children and staff in our school;

*  recognising and praising the many positive qualities our children can show;

*  holding the belief that a child’s self image, can change in a positive way through seeing and feeling their successes

*  always being willing to take the time to help the children feel better about themselves and to listen seriously to any of their concerns.


Each class will have systems in place to celebrate positive behaviours. These behaviour can be demonstrated in how we manage our emotions and treat other people as well as how we approach our learning. At the end of the week The Clinton School holds a worship that parents can attend where children are given certificates for showing key learning behaviours and embodying the school vision and values.

Attitudes to learning; Character Development Policy (2)

Click here to download a copy of our Attitudes to Learning; Character Development Policy.


Alumnis Anti-bullying Policy - (Clinton)

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