Children in the Kingfishers class are taught by Mrs Bolton on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs Sharpe teaching on a Thursday and Friday morning and Mrs Clarke on a Thursday and Friday afternoon while Mrs Anstey is away on maternity.


Our learning theme:

This term our overriding learning theme is ‘Social Injustice’. Within this FS and KS1 will have a theme entitled ‘This is Our House’ which is also the title of a thought provoking story written by Michael Rosen. This text will help us begin to explore deeper ideas and opinions of what is fair and what is unjust in our world. Our learning will begin with RE exploring special and sacred places and then we will expand into many exciting and interesting learning areas to find out about and learn from the past, compare it with what life is like now in the present and then explore how we might make an impact in the future.


We will create our own Poems based on the text ‘This is Our House’ and use what we think a special place is like. We will also use the text to inspire our own stories based on respect and justice. We will explore a range of fiction and non fiction texts about buildings and places from the past. We will use our learning in History (Great Fire of London) to create and publish our own digital information projects. We will continue with our daily phonics sessions and KS1 will also have a spelling session each day exploring tricky words and developing our spelling decision making skills.


How you can help

Visit the library. Read with your child every day and record this in their Home School Diary, help with learning personalised spelling lists and phonics. Try to name/describe different buildings you see and special places you visit. Why are these places special to you?



We will develop our number skills and explore counting in different steps alongside multiplication and division. We will explore how we measure in different contexts. We will also apply our learning to a range of problem solving contexts linked with our topic


How you can help: 

Support with key number skills, memorising times tables. Look for numbers in the environment. Play games with dice/top trumps cards to practice reading/sorting and ordering numbers



As theologians we will explore what makes places special and also what makes places sacred to believers.

As scientists we will different materials and investigate which materials are best for which building design and purpose.

As historians we will find out about the history of buildings in the village and other houses from the past and explore ‘Social Injustice’ through the ages. We will learn about the Great Fire of London. As creators we will work with paint and drawing tools to create fire art. We will explore the textures and materials of structures and buildings and work in 3D to create strong structures. In outdoor learning we will be creating dens and finding ways to make shelters for different purposes.


Other additional notes and key dates:

     ~    PE kit to be in every day; Kingfisher Class will have physical activities throughout the week and a discrete weekly session with Mr Waldron on a Tuesday.

~    Each child will continue to need ‘Winter Ready’ Wild Tribe attire for weekly sessions. Mrs Bolton will be doing Wild tribe sessions on various days with Kingfishers as well as a weekly session with Mrs Clarke/Mrs Hannam.

~    Parents Consultations will take place in the week beginning 24th February