Spring 2019

Our learning theme:

This term our overriding learning theme is Social injustice. We will be addressing this by focusing on this by asking  big questions such as, what does social injustice mean to me? Have I ever experienced social injustice? Is there social injustice in the world? How can I be a voice for social injustice? This focus will include our school, our community, our world and beyond. We will be reflecting upon social injustice within our worships also. 


English Our focus texts will be: Ada's violin and The kidnapped Prince both of which provide insight sinto social injustice and how key people were courageous advocates for change, 

Key writing styles: narrative  (description and settings) and recounts. 


How you can help: By reading together and enjoying books whenever possible. Talking about issues around social injustices when they arise and thinking about ways you help in your own home. Encouraging your child to use IXL online (We will be promoting this a lot in class and we wouldn’t want them to feel left out!)


Maths This term, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. We will then move onto fractions, decimals and percentages. 

For more information on the methods we use check out:

Maths Action Group MAG on Youtube.



How you can help: Use IXL as often as possible. Practise time tables as often as you can. Encourage thinking about maths in daily life i.e. shopping, telling the time etc.


Across the curriculum: We will be thinking about social injustice, how it has an impact on us and others in the world. We will compare and contrast a landfill site in Paraguay to Devon and our local area and then after half term we will look at slavery, the history of slavery and whether it still happens today. 


How you can help: Talk to your children about social injustice and how they can be a positive voice for change. Challenge misconceptions and support your child to be a courageous advocate. Maybe write a letter to somewhere or someone about a particular subject they feel strongly about.


Other additional notes and key dates

It is essential that your child has the following items in school every day:

P.E. kit every day

Book bag and reading records daily - these will be checked and written in by key staff members most days. 

A waterproof coat



  • Parent consultation week will be held from 26th February. Please look out for signing up sheets on the class door.
  • Pancake races will be held in school on Tuesday 5th March from 2pm.
  • World book day Thursday 7th March - dress up as your favourite book character.
  • Rob Pudner  workshops - why are books important? Friday 8th March.
  • Easter service and bonnet parade Monday 1st April - all welcome to school for hot cross buns after.