Swallows class is taught by Mrs Hannam and supported by Mrs Jennings.

Our learning theme:This term the overriding learning theme is ‘Stewardship’. Swallow’s class will be exploring ‘From Merton to Mabira’ and thinking about the differences between the two locations and the difficulties each location may face. We will also be identifying what we can do in Merton to impact on what is happening, not only in Mabira but in all rainforests around the world and considering how problems from around the world impact on us.


We will be writing our very own performance poetry piece about a rainforest animal based on the poem ‘I am walking my iguana’ We will then use our learning from our topic work to help write our fictional piece of writing ‘A Day in the Life of (a rainforest animal)’. We will end the 1/2 term using all we have learnt throughout the term to create an information leaflet about the rainforest. We will be focusing on daily spelling tasks to help improve our spelling decisions, as well as introducing whole class guided reading to uplevel our vocabulary and literacy skills

How you can help:

Read with your child daily (record this in their blue home/school books)

Practice spelling the common exception words

Encourage your child to complete homework tasks.


This term we will be focusing on place value and developing a secure foundation of the number system and how it works. After we have secured this knowledge we will be exploring addition and subtraction followed by multiplication and division. We will continue our weekly times table challenge.

How you can help:

Help your child learn their times tables (if they know them practice recalling them quickly)

Encourage your child to complete homework tasks

Across the curriculum: 

In Science we will spend some time learning about plants and what they need to grow, as well as how they reproduce. We will then move on to learn about light. Both provide lots of chances for investigations and opportunities to demonstrate working scientifically skills.

In Geography we will be learning about climate zones, biomes and rivers alongside human geographical concepts such as settlement and land use. We will be studying Henri Rousseau in art, in particular his painting ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’. We will then create our own mixed media artwork around our own choice of rainforest animals. In DT we will be designing products to sell at the Christmas Fair to continue being courageous advocates.  

In RE we will be exploring ‘How and why people try to make the world a better place?’ We will be considering the thoughts and actions of different religious views, non-religious views and linking to our own personal views.

How you can help:

Encourage your child to research and extend their own learning if something really interests them, they may want to create a piece of work to bring in. 

Explore their learning with them, ask what they have done/learnt


Other additional notes and key dates


  • Spelling homework will be sent home on Wednesday and be due back the following Wednesday

Please make sure your child brings in the following every day:

  • PE kit
  • A named water bottle
  • Home/school book
  • Reading book