The Local Schools Committee for Clinton, Dolton and Clawton Schools

Known as The Tritons, Clinton, Dolton and Clawton schools are all members of Alumnis Multi Academy Trust and collectively form one Local Schools Committee. The ultimate responsibility for the school rests with the Board of Directors of the Trust (Trust details and scheme of delegation can be found here) but much of the work of the Board is delegated to the Local Schools Committee. Some Committee Members are appointed by the Board whilst others are elected by parents or guardians of students at the School or by staff.

A Local Schools Committee is a sub-committee of the Alumnis Multi-Academy Trust Board of Directors. It is The LSC’s responsibility to offer to all children the best possible (Christian) Education, preparing them for on-going education and life in the community. 

The LSC plays a crucial role in enriching community relationships and communication, contributing to the collective effectiveness of schools and Alumnis MAT as a whole. The aim is to support, inform, advise and challenge provision; working together, empowering excellence and improving outcomes for all children. Working with the Head Teacher, Executive Team and Trust Board, the LSC is a local voice and a link with local communities and churches (church schools) as well as being advocates for all schools within our School Trust. 

 The Trust Board delegates to them the following functions:

  • Monitoring of the School Improvement Plan 
  • Maintain unique identity and ethos of each school and safeguard the individual vision and values of each school within the remit of the Committee
  • Preserving and supporting the Christian Distinctiveness of each Church School. 
  • Church and Community Links
  • Safeguarding triangulated
  • Pupil Attendance
  • Pupil conduct and Exclusions
  • Ensuring that specific grants (e.g. pupil premium, catch up premium, PE Premium) are used for the purposes intended and can demonstrate a positive impact on learning.
  • Pupil Demographics
  • Parental Engagement and communication
  • Pre-school links and communication
  • Transition of pupils into the next phase of their learning
  • Have oversight of statutory documents pertinent to each setting:
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Safeguarding 
    • Information Governance / GDPR
    • Health and Safety
  • Ensuring websites are compliant with statutory requirements
  • Provide Committee Members for panels such as complaints or exclusion as and when required.


The Local Schools Committee constitution will include:

  • One elected Staff Member
  • One elected Parent Member from each school the LSC represents
  • Five Foundation Committee Members
  • The Headteacher from each school (no voting rights)

The Chair of our Local Schools Committee is Claire Tribe and be contacted via the school.

Members of the Local Schools Committee can be viewed below: 

If you would like to contact the Local Schools Committee on any matter please email: